We are proud to introduce our latest mixed development project - Taman Impiana Bidor. Welcome to Taman Impiana Bidor where your dream life awaits! A home designed with a family-centric living space where you can enjoy breathtaking views of nature.

Taman Impiana Bidor strategically located in Bidor, Perak which provides quick access to various destinations. This well-connected township has the potential to increase the number of customers towards generating business growth. With easy access to facilities, the area will always be full of great events and activities. Hence, Taman Impiana Bidor is a smart investment to drive sustainable business development.

Each Taman Impiana Bidor shop unit offers contemporary design, spacious size and comfortable environment suitable for a wide range of businesses.

Great Business Opportunities Await. Experience it all at Taman Impiana Bidor!

Double Storey Shop House - Ground Floor Plan

Double Storey Shop House - 1st Floor Plan

Please download pdf version brochure here.

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