Farlim Bisnes Centre

Farlim Bisnes Centre
“A Focal Point of Activity, The Pulse of Bandar Baru Ayer Itam”

The centre is anticipated to become a focal point where people meet and business continues into the night - A wonderful place for people to do business, have a meal or a cup of coffee or simply to browwse around for a product or services they cannot find elsewhere.

Its tenants are anticipated to represent a full range of business, from the entertainment and recreation to consumer and service industries. It is geared to become the one-stop centre for all kinds of services, products and amenities.

Double Your Business Space for Every Floor

The spaciousness of each floor offers an excellent opportunity for businesses that required extra space to diplay their products and services. Its open concept allows flexibility and creativity in the use of space and less constraints unlike conventional shop offices. The layout also allows owners the option to install a separate service/passenger lift to their units.

  • Spacious & efficient classroom layout for the set up of institute of higher learning.
  • A smart, formal lobby space for banks & other commercial institutions.
  • A cosy, friendly atmosphere to set up a restaurant.
  • Endless flow of spae effectively utilised
  • Roomy & elegant car showroom
  • Splendid for a scintillating fashion showcase

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